Les Mills DVD Records.
Les Mills instuctors DVD records, we provide background looping visuals and mixing for these live records, all content delivered by our media servers in full HD. Seven by five plasma wall.
Christchurch Square, New Years Eve 08.
View from FOH camera riser. Four columns of three plasma screens attached to vertical lighting truss. A simple to achieve, but very effective look.
NightCap NZ Tour '10
Four by Three plasma wall, with the front two rows infront of the DJ table. Images supplied by MadCap Touring.
OSB Truck launch.
A small party to celebrate OSBs' latest HD broadcasting truck. All content in full HD (1080p).
Koru Care Charity Auction '09.
Three projector seamless blend with one of our media servers providing animated background textures and cued audio visual stings.
WINTEC graduation ceremony, we provided screens, presentation and camera mixing for this event, Eight by four plasma wall flown above stage.
Rotorua Wearable Creations 'n Colour Awards.
Fourty-eight seamless 42" plasma screens. Total available (native) resolution was 10236 by 2880 pixels, a LED screen of the same size would have a native resolution of 420 by 160 pixels, depending on model.
NightCap NZ Tour '10
We provided plasma walls and tech support for all four venues in the tour. Images supplied by MadCap Touring, visual art by Harry Silver. Visual artists shouldn't have to worry about the tech.
Rotorua Wearable Creations 'n Colour Awards.
An example of DMX pixel mapping of Martin Stage Bar LED fixtures.
Rotorua Wearable Creations 'n Colour Awards.
Custom-made 2k video content using photos and designers preliminary sketches.
Rotorua Wearable Creations 'n Colour Awards.
Another example of custom video content created for this yearly event.
Alpine Unity Main Stage.
We provided AV technicians and lighting operators for this outdoor music festival.