Designed with the touring concert or event production house in mind, we build these systems road-ready and suitable for touring.

  • Industrial 4U rack mount chassis, plus 2U breakout box.
  • Controlled by DMX512/ ArtNet/ MaNet2 lighting consoles.
  • Solid-state drive playback raid array. >500Mb/sec sustained read.
  • 10k raptor drive recording/storage raid array. >350Mb/sec sustained write speed.
  • Quad-core i7 CPU. Eight CPU threads.
  • 24Gb of high-speed RAM.
  • Two HD-SDI/ HDMI video inputs. Option: 8 HD-SDI inputs.
  • LED pixel mapping via ArtNet.
  • Six Full HD video outputs for multi-screen or edge-blended projection.
  • Twelve mixable video layers.
  • Mic Input for audio-reactive Flash animations, and internal FX Generators.
  • Dual Balanced audio out.

    Write AV stings into your cuelist for seamless visual and lighting integration.
    Control is flexible from simple dimmer channels as video loops, to over a full DMX universe of control of media elements, including media thumbnails and file/folder names on your lighting consoles via ArtNet and MSEX/CITP.

These systems can also be utilized for Martin Show Designer or WYSIWYG 3D plotting and real-time rendering.




ArtNet is becoming increasingly common as moving-head, LED fixtures, and media servers take the place of traditional ParCan rigs.
One Cat5, or fibre-optic cable is capable of sending many universes of DMX over very long distances.

Pictured is an example of one of our systems. It features;

  • 750VA UPS to internal equipment plus one surge-protected output and three battery back-up outputs via PowerCon connectors. Enough to run a full console, laptop, any attached PoE devices, and monitors for several minutes.
  • Eight Gb network connections via Neutrik Ethercons, with PoE on all ports. The top and bottom row of ports can be separated into two discreet networks.
  • Four 5pin DMX512 ArtNet nodes, each configurable as in or out. Merging can be HTP or LTP if required.
  • One dual mode LC fibre-optic connection. For cable runs over 100 metres.
  • One 5V2A DC power supply on a USB connector, for phone charging etc.

    Also available are Industrial outdoor WiFi units (powered via PoE), and several eDMX4 ArtNet Nodes (also PoE). Both supplied with half clamps for attaching to truss.